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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Sock Pal questionnaire.......

1.Are you sensitive to any fibres? Any you don't like? Any you need to take private time with? LOL, nope I'm not sensitive to anything as far as finding yarns scratchy or anything, I'm no princess. I need to stay away from Tofutsies because of the shellfish thing though.

2.What colors do you prefer? I'm pretty open with colour, I'm not a huge fan of yellow and I prefer strong colours to pastels though. My sock yarn stash is pretty diverse colourwise.

3. Variegated, striped, plain with texture, plain and silky?variegated that pools?
I do knit with a lot of vareigateds because that's what I have in my stash but lately I haven't been really enamoured with them, I really prefer solids and semi solids. I have a deep and unabiding love for self striping and faux fair isle sock yarns though. Pooling makes me crazy.

4.Where do you normally wear your hand-made socks? Around the house?
To work with comfy sensible shoes? Out with pumps and minis?

Anywhere with any shoes, to work, hanging around the house...

5.If you could leave your partner and run off with only one sock yarn, which would it be and why? Lorna's Laces semi solids, squishy but tough at the same time.

6.What are your foot measurements? And what height do you like your socks to be? I wear a size 38 shoe (US 7.5?) so my feet are about 9.5" long, 9" around and I generally knit my socks to about 7" from the top of the cuff to the bottom of the heel.

7.Who is your favorite sock designer? Who's patterns do you knit the most??
Favorite designer would probably be Cookie A, thinking about it though I've probably knit more Nancy Bush socks than anyone else.

8.what weight of sock do you like, fine, medium, or thick? I usually knit and wear mostly fingering weight socks but I do have the odd dk and worsted pair that I love.