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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Ugh, the STR hates me again. With our torrid past I decided it was time to destash this so I popped it in the mail to a happy knitter this morning. It didn't want to be Charade socks any more than it wanted to be Jaywalkers or any of the other patterns I've tried with it. I did shop the stash and find a skein of Trekking XXL #100 that seems more than happy to be jaywalking so that's what I'm up to now as far as knitting goes. (Pic is from yesterday, almost at the toe as of writing.)

Far more interesting is new stuff that's been occupying my brain. Lots of downtime at work leads to lots of blog surfing to keep things interesting and I seem to be stumbling upon more and more bloggers who cross craft, those knitters who crochet and such but it's the knitter's that quilt that are getting to me. I've started to lust after fabric the way I haven't lusted about yarn for a while. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not about to quit knitting (perish the thought!) but I am probably headed towards obsession preoccupation with fabrics and quilts. I've added some sewers/quilters/fabric designers to my daily blog roll and held out as long as I could. I was NOT going to start quilting, it's expensive, it's old ladyish (yeah, funny says the knitter), I'm terrible with colour....

Anyway, a trip to visit friends on the weekend and a grandmother who's destashing and I come home with this: perfect, lovely, droolworthy perhaps fabrics to start my own quilting obsession and nearly enough to make a queen size quilt top at that. Turns out I can put colours together after all and the expense excuse just dissapeared (all this, there's more coming, for the price of some handknit socks for the loverly grandma in question). I'll have to post pics of the rest when I get it, it's for M and you'll laugh your arse off.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Yay, another pair down. I finished the Lombard Street socks last night save for snugging up the kitchenering on the second toe and weaving in the ends so I left them at home today so I could start another pair. Charade socks in STR lightweight in "crazy lace agate", the yarn that didn't want to be Jaywalkers way back when. So far so good as far as the yarn goes, it's not pooling yet so we'll keep our fingers crossed.

In other news the building I work in has been on the news. On Tuesday chunks of marble were falling off the tower and onto (and through) the third floor roof. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy about being here....

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I'm not even going to appologize for being awol for so long, suffice it to say that things have been too stressful and busy to get here to show anything off. Seems we've all been suffering from "daycare disease" the last month and a half.

I've been knitting socks on the commute to work and back which has been nice. I'd love the time to knit something more substantial but as I'm travelling during rush hour times there's barely room for me to knit a sock on the subway some days. So far I've completed a pair of Monkey socks form Knitty and a plain no-pattern pair. The second Lombard Street sock is approaching the toe too.

Other knitting hasn't been getting much attention, the CPH just needs a few more hood rows then the buttonbands but I did pick up some really nice buttons for it at the Knitter's Frolic the other weekend. Hopefully it'll be done sometime soon so I can still wear it a few times before packing it away for the summer.

M got a spring gift a couple of weekends ago, a "bika".

He also really loves his rain boots.