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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Finally a knitting post, this is a knitting blog after all. Lots on the needles these days it seems. Stuff that was started then got interupted by gift knitting and stuff that's been cast on since, lots to do.

The biggest (or is it smallest) project I'm working on right now is a colourwork cardi from Dale of Norway baby book #129, Rutelilje it's called. This is/was a shower gift for a friend of a friend's baby who's due in February. Unfortunately it wasn't done in time for the shower, real life got in the way, but I gave it in all it's unfinished glory so the mommy to be could at least see what she has on the way. There's a few inches of body to do before I steek it and knit on the button bands. I departed from the pattern a bit though as it was supposed to be all over moss stitch below the colourwork and texture patterns but I thought it looked overly fussy so I'm doing it plain stockingette. All I needed for this project was one more skein of Lanett and the buttons so I figure it's a pretty nice $8 baby gift as I had all the other yarn in my stash.

I'm through the back, front and one sleeve on a Jo Sharp designed sweater for myself. I have absolutely zero clothes that are work appropriate for when I get a job so this will make some nice office attire. I just need to get at that second sleeve and then it's on to seaming and knitting on the cowl. This one is in Lana Gatto VIP which is heavenly stuff and I got it in exhange for some yarns I wasn't using so this was pretty much a stashbuster too. No pic of this as it really doesn't look like anything but a pile of unblocked brown pieces waiting to be seamed.

Embarrasingly, I'm still working on making the matches to Mom and Dad's Christmas socks and O's seamless hybrid is still in the works. Lady E is still on hold too.

I was bad and started something else yesterday though. I cast on with a Fleece Artist thrummed mitten kit that's been in my stash since fall 2005 I think. Somehow the mitts I always wear have gone AWOL so I needed something desperately since the weather has turned horrid in the last week or so. They're knitting up really fast, the first one is done, and they're super fun to do. They're so stuffed with roving they stand up on their own and they're going to be fantastic warm. I wore the finished one, in all it's singular glory, to the grocery store yesterday and they live up to their warm promises.

I also joined the February is for Finishing KAL to get some of these UFO's off my plate so I should have some finished stuff to show soon.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Okay, here comes a pretty pic intensive post. Maybe I'll do a real knitting post later on today but for now here's M. This post comes with bigtime appologies to M's Gran (my mum) as I promised to post these a while back and forgot.

M made the wrapping paper for the gifts he gave. He was more interested in painting himself than the paper. I was totally prepared for a huge mess but he was really good with the finger paint.

Getting ready to go in the tub. The bath water turned a bit of an off colour with all the read and green paint I washed off of him.

Christmas morning with his mum and dad. maybe next year he'll be better at wraping paper. This year he did best with gift bags and tissue.

A Thomas the Tank Engine train from Daddy, he adores this one. Wearing his Christmas jammers from Nana.

On our way to Gran and Grandpa's on Christmas day. "Where's your nose M?". He may be touching his brain!

"Where are your ears?", I think he's ignoring us. He loves his BSJ and has been wearing it a lot.

Gran and Grandpa gave him the igloo, it's a great place to hang out and read stories with his animals.

Playing with Steve (the hand puppet) who was sent to him as part of a RAK package from a wonderful lady on the Knitty Board.

Helping mommy cook, he's frying up some fishy crackers for dinner. This is the only way I can keep him from trying to help me cook these days, I give him his own pans and utensils and he "helps" with dinner.