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Monday, November 21, 2005

Ahhh another Monday; the weekend seemed to go so quickly. Mail on Friday from my SP again, she's more than spoiled me now. Among other pressies there was a Phildar magazine that I've been looking at for awhile but didn't buy because I'm barely remembering my one high school French class but I really loved the little double breasted baby coat on the cover. She sent not only the mag but the English translation, so of course it took me less than an hour to get anxious and order the yarn for the coat (like I don't have enough yarn ready to be cast on as it is). SO thank you, thank you, thank you to my SP!!! I'm getting really curious who she is, the more I get e-mails from here and such the more I think she's someone I would easily be friends with in person.

Looks like little M is starting to teethe. The doctor says that it's a bit early but not unheard of as he's chewing on everything in sight all of a sudden poor kid.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Christmas knitting is going nowhere fast it seems. The more I get done the more there seems needs to be done. I hate knitting for FOs not just for enjoyment, being under a deadline sucks. Not to mention I'm having pattern probs up the wazoo which is an even bigger disincentive to work on any of this. Oh well, there's a gift I've been wanting to make for somebody for a while that I might cast on just to give myself a little break.

The spinning class on the weekend was great, I've started to spin some yarn for a hat for O and I'm finding it really relaxing. The class was taught with bottom whorl spindles but I'm really liking the top whorl my SP sent way better as I'm getting better speed and way less wobble with it. I hate to say it but I feel a new obsession coming on. I'd love for someone ask me where I got my (insert knit item here) and be able to tell them I knit it myself with yarn I made.

I started a little project for work this week, now if IT could get their acts together and fix my laptop I'd be a lot happier. I needed something to challenge my brain a bit and give me some adult contact (not to mention a few hours of work here and there to be paid at a later date when it won't interfere with my mat leave benefits). Hopefully by the time my benefits run out I'll have amassed enough hours to pay for a semester of school and I can go back and finish this degree finally, I hate being so close and not being finished. Hopefully this also puts my foot in the door to do some more special projects coming up when I go back (and hopefully part time while I'm in school).

M and I got needles yesterday so we're both a little cranky this morning. He got his four month vaccines at the doctor and I got my flu shot. The little man didn't cry at all when he got them, a bit of a yelp when the first one went in because he wasn't expecting it but he was so brave.

Friday, November 11, 2005

I'm so excited, my spinning class is tomorrow at "yarn heaven". Finally I'll learn how to use the drop spindle my wonderful SP sent me! I signed up for this months ago it seems. Now I hear there's another package on it's way from my SP, I am one spoiled little momma....

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Holy crazy windstorm the other night Batman! The good part I guess is that we acquired a fishing net in the deal, it blew off the balcony of the appartment above us and onto ours along with a bunch of branches from the willow trees by the pool. I cleared off the branches but I'm not going to be so quick to do anything about the net (insert evil little laugh here). I thought the windows were going to shatter at one point, they're not sealed that well and they were rattling in their panes.

Been a bit busy dealing with the little man by myself the last few days while Daddy's hunting. To all the single mothers out there I truly don't know how you do it, I'm about to have a meltdown and it's only been a few days. You are clearly stronger women than I. I really don't do well by myself and being alone all day with M is enough to drive me over the edge on days when I know O's on his way home but knowing it's going to be days before I see him is torture. I worry constantly about him, I almost think it would be better if I didn't know what they were doing. I feel a lot like a big piece of me is missing when he's not around, the good part.

In knitting news, I have Cozy and the blasted cabled baby blanket done. I feel a bit better now that my oldest UFO is off the needles and I'm making some noticeable progress on Christmas gifts and have two SP pressies are finished. I got some packages together today for SP6 and the Holiday SP round, an excuse to go to the mall and pick up some bits and pieces. I'm beginning to think Canada Post may send me a Christmas card for my patronage this I've decided that the only thing I love better than shopping for myself is spoiling other people, no wonder I love Christmas so much. I also signed up for the International Scarf Exchange 2, hoping to get my match in the next few days so I can plan some post Christmas knitting.

Freaking Debbie Bliss!!! I can't believe I've let myself be drawn in again, it never fails that I have problems with her patterns and yarns but seem to be inexplicably pulled by some odd magnetic force to knit them anyway. This time it's the man slippers from the Simple Living book. I thought they'd be a good gift for Daddy (I'm a terrible daddy's girl can you tell? about to be 27 and still calling him Daddy) but the pattern has so many problems I was about to throw both the pattern and half knit left slipper out the bus window this afternoon. Apparently she can't count to 49. Had the slipper not been on my much loved 3.75mm addi turbo it would have gone and I wouldn't have felt bad about it either. I suppose it's a teeny tiny smidge my fault that I thought this time would be different.

Almost forgot, I want to say thanks to my HSP for such a cute card (I love Taz!) and Terby who sent me some beautiful stitch markers and chocolates that arrived on a day when I was feeling a bit off, you made my day.