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Monday, December 26, 2005

A post for Peggy (because I know I'm driving her nuts)...

It's been a very hectic few weeks with Christmas and all. So much Christmas knitting to get done and a few things knit for me in the last little while too. Have a look at the WIP blog for that (see the link over there ---->). I had huge felting problems which led to a very teary call to Ram Wool's customer service on Friday. In the end I gave Daddy a touque because his clogs barely felted so if Shaq needs some slippers he can give me a call (after I was up past 2am finishing the knitting).

Christmas was fun though. We did brunch with O's mom last weekend which was nice, she spoiled all of us rotten (M in particular). He got a great rocking chair that's getting a ton of use already seeing as how he's totally grown out of the playdome now. After Christmas with his mom one of O's dad's family members threw M a baby shower so he got a bunch of great stuff there too; an exersaucer from Great Grandma is taking up half the living room right now. O did the big dinner yesterday with my family which was so good, the only cruddy part is that there weren't too many leftovers but there's a pot of soup on the stove right now. M was, as expected, spoiled rotten with toys, clothes and some really great books from my family. Everyone seemed to like their knitwear too. O really spoiled me: another teapot to add to my collection, an iPod (I was mourning the death of my minidisk player which died of overuse) and from O and M the most beautiful gold locket that I'm going to put a picture of each of them in.

If you've looked at M's blog you'll know that he's on solids now if you can call rice and wheat cereal solid. He didn't seem impressed the first few days but he's turned into a little hoover now. Hopefully he'll get back to gaining weight like he was before. Still no teeth but the drooling is getting worse by the day it seems so hopefully not long now. O's sister was here from Calgary for a quick visit a few weeks ago which was great, she flew in for an extended weekend as a surprise to see us all and meet her nephew.

I found out my Blog SP was Peggy at Rainberry Blue, go over and visit her and say hello (I like to go and pinch B's cheeks on the computer screen he's so cute). The last package from her was huge and heavy (have I mentioned I am so spoiled?). She sent me a new spindle, some vanilla scented bath products, roving to spin, hot chocolate, very cute yarn and the coolest spinning kit among other things. The kit is all the fiber to spin and knit a really cool pair of gloves, now that my Christmas knitting is done I can get started. A huge thank you to you Peggy for tsking such good care of me over the last few months.

My Knitty Holiday SP was Stariel who you can visit at her blog Stariel Knits. She sent me my first Sari silk which I'm hoping to get to sometime soon. Have a look at all of her FOs on the WIP blog, she's putting us all to shame.

All right, that's it for now. I'm tired and sick and I need to go to bed.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

It's been a while. Not much new just knitting up a storm for Christmas which seems to be approaching at the speed of light. I really don't have that much left to do but I'll still be panicking until it's totally done.

Little M seems to be teething so he's not really that happy these days, poor kid is drooling everywhere it seems. Because he puts everything he can get his hands on in his mouth O keeps putting a cloth in his mouth and telling him to wipe his face, which of course he does (funny stuff I tell ya). He goes to the doctor again this week so we'll see how he's growing.

The company kid's Christmas party was last weekend and I'm looking forward to seeing M's picture with Santa, he just stared at the ceiling as far as I could tell. I was impressed that he didn't cry at all. It was at the same convention center where the adult party was last night which didn't have either a changing table or anywhere to breastfeed (which makes me wonder what the social committee were thinking when they chose the space). There were kids being changed on the floor in the bathroom (ewww!, luckily M is still small enough to change on the counter between the sinks) and kids being fed in bathroom stalls (double ewwwww!).

Stuff to do, more later maybe. In the meantime check out for new pics of the monkey.