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Monday, November 20, 2006

KJ's socks were finished and the toe kitchenered to the foot this morning (they're blocking now), then I sat down and knit this little doozy. The pattern is the Fake Isle Hat from Magknits and I used less than one ball of Silk Garden #203 and KP WOTA "Fog", both from the stash. Click here to see a pic of the inside. This makes two items off the holiday knitting list, the hat was a super quick knit so I may do one more with some more stash yarn.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

One sock down and about a half to go for the first pair of Christmas socks. I woke up starving at 5am and grabbed my knitting on my way out of the bedroom and sat and ate arrowroot cookies and knit for two blissfully quiet hours this morning and got most of the leg of sock #2 done. The SH got some attention today too and I think if I measure now I may have 12.5" of the body I sat in the quiet and made myself a little list of everything I'd like to get to for Christmas knitting and I have to say that it's a little daunting. Luckily some of the gifts are quick one to two day knits so they should fly off the list pretty quickly.

I'm headed out tomorrow for more interfacing for tote bags, my fabric stash will long outlast my supply of that so I need to pick up some more before I can do much more sewing. I've been doing the parts I can do (sans interfacing) so I'm almost keeping up with everything so far.

Was at the dentist today to have the root canal done and to make an appointment for dental surgery next week. I was a total mess in the chair, a real blithering idiot so the doc gave me a script for a sedative on my way out for next week's appointment. This'll be three Thursdays in a row at the office.

Monday, November 13, 2006

It's been a busy few days, trips to the doctor and an emergency run to the dentist for me the other night. Eating dinner I felt something hard in my mouth, turns out it was a big chunk of a tooth I had had work done on back in April and has been bothering me off and on (or so I thought) since then. A run to the dentist confirmed the tooth is falling apart (I've since lost another bit of it) but more worrying is that there's a pretty nasty abcess in the tooth behind it. The doc gave me some antibiotics and some Tylenol 3's for pain and it seems a lot better now. The AB need to be taken with food so it's actually forcing me to sit and have something to eat at regular intervals, normally I eat whatever is left over from M's meals throughout the day so this is probably a pretty good thing seeing as how I could comfortably use to gain a few pounds. It's amazing how I hadn't realized how much pain my tooth had been giving me for so long until it was gone, I guess I'd come to accept that that's how my mouth felt but now the infection is clearing it's soooo much better it's crazy. I go back to the dentist later this week to have the other tooth looked at and to hopefully have part of the remaining tooth shaved off as it's sooo sharp where it's broken and it's cutting my poor tongue to shreds. I have to eat mushy stuff and I can only seem to drink through a straw without cutting myself.

Again there has been much more sewing going on than knitting but at least some projects are headed in a forward direction. How did it totally escape my mind that December comes right on the next page of the calendar from November? One page turn, one, and it's Christmas (and I have only just started pressie #1).

These are for KJ who, fortunately, has smaller feet than I do...I think, I need to ask our family shoe saleswoman extrordinaire (mom) to confirm this so I'm stopping this sock here and casting on for the other foot until I know. This would be reason #217 why you need more than one set of needles in each size. Super plain stockingette socks using some Lang Jawoll Cotton I've had in the stash for longer than I can remember. The yarn is nice and even though it's pooling terribly it's still really pretty; one ply of the yarn vareigates and the other stays a wonderful deep teal so the pooling is pretty muted. Overall these are working up to be a happy and quick project, I started this sock on Friday and haven't really dedicated myself to it too much so far.

Lady E is on hold for a bit, she's not much past where I was the last time I photographed her. Selfish knitting will have to wait until some gift knitting gets done but it's nice that I can bang out a rectangle on her every now and again in an odd moment. O's SH is still plugging along in the black hole so I'm going to count the rounds sometime soon to calculate where I really am (or more realistically where I'll be once it's blocked) on the body. I've got needles now to start the sleeves so I may cast one on for a bit of a break.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

This is going to be a no-pic post, the day was so hectic and there's no such thing as good light in this place after dark and some of what I've been working on for the last week or so is hush hush so I couldn't show you anyway.

The man sweater plugs along, I've entered the black hole. I knit four hundred and eighty seventy million rounds... and I'm still at 12". On the other hand the sewing is going really well and I'll be doing a mass mailing probably Friday for all the donations I've recieved so far. I'm trying now to contact everyone who didn't make a colour or pattern request so I can see what they'd like to have for a thank you gifty. A spread sheet has been created to keep everything straigh as I'm terribly nervous that I'm going to forget to thank someone. I am floored at the generosity of you all.

The design for M's seamless yoke henley is done, I got the FI pattern to fit into the yoke stitches on the first try (yay for no fiddly knitting math!) so it must be meant to be. I'll get started on it once I'm released from the vortex and the Seamless Hybrid is a little further along because c'mon we all know that I'll just want to work on this all day.

Got to meet the ever fab Cookie tonight at SnB, fun fun fun I tell ya. She was knitting a whole pair of

Some pics of a fantastic gift I got in the mail today coming tomorrow, it's better with pics.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

And now for some gratuitous cuteness. His highness the man of steel (or the toddler of tin as O has been calling him) graced us with his presence yesterday.

Because I'm a fun mommy I let the MOS eat some of his treats, a whole (thankfully snacksize) bag of cheesies BEFORE dinner (aren't I the ultimate cool mom?).

The haul. Daddy and I are eating most of it but it was such fun to play with.

He's getting so good at sharing, he must know Peanut Butter cups are O's faves.

Even the MOS needs some mommy time.